Power Factor

What is Power Factor

Power factor is the relationship between working (active) power and total power consumed (apparent power). Essentially, power factor is a measurement of how effectively electrical power is being used. The higher the power factor, the more effectively electrical power is being used and vice versa. A distribution system's operating power is composed of two parts: Active (working) and Reactive (non-working) magnetising power. The ACTIVE power performs the useful work...the REACTVE power does not as its only function is to develop magnetic field required by inductive devices.

Power Factor

What Do Caltech Offer?

  1. Power Factor Control Panels
  2. Power Factor Analysis and maintenance

Caltech will always analyse your power system before deciding on what size and type of PFC is required. Using a high quality power analyser, with software designed for PFC analysis, Caltech will come up with the correct PFC system for you. By using the correct capacitor type and harmonic allowance values we ensure that the Capacitors will not be required to be changed for a long period.

Caltech will then build a control panel for you and come to site to carry out commissioning on same. Caltech can also come to site to review a currently installed PFC system and provide you with a full detailed report.

If you required assistance with your Power Factor why not contact our technical team.