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That’s right – Caltech are not just Electrical. We now offer technical assistance and sales on all things instrumentation. With the use of Phoenix Contact products and backup support, Caltech can offer you a full alternative system to those used regularly in industry. Better than that we have personnel with over 25 years of site installation, testing & commissioning experience to assist you on site.

Measurement and control technology

Measurement and control products providing high signal quality and ensure the quality of your closed-loop control circuits. Isolate, convert, and filter signals and monitor and control processes: Phoenix Contact measurement and control components cover all aspects associated with error-free signal transmission from sensor level to control level.

Your advantages

  1. Error-free transmission of analog signals as well as temperature recording in the field, thanks to versatile signal conditioners and 2-wire field devices
  2. Control of simple processes and even sophisticated control applications, thanks to modular control technology in the form of hardware and software
  3. Keep an eye on energy data and process parameters at all times with products for monitoring
  4. Convert currents with any waveform using over 3000 current transformers and current transducers
  5. Protect sensitive signal interfaces against surge voltages with powerful arresters that respond quickly

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